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Public Consultation Process

CFSI Invites Your Feedback

CFSI is committed to engaging external stakeholders in the development and oversight of CFSI's programs, audit requirements, guidance documents. CFSI will post any items for public review and comment on this webpage and will discuss these items on CFSI's monthly multi-stakeholder call. 

CFSP Protocol Revision Process - UNDERWAY

  • CFSI is developing new Conflict Free Smelter Program Protocols for Tin/Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold.  
  • The Tin/Tantalum Protocol revision process is currently underway. The first round of public consultation went from May 11, 2016 to July 31, 2016. During this period, CFSI received over 660 comments from approximately 30 commenters, including smelters, downstream companies, industry associations, NGOs, and upstream assurance programs.
  • CFSI revised the draft Tin/Tantalum Protocol based on these comments. The following are more significant edits made to the draft Protocol. While these were some of the major edits, all 660 comments were reviewed with changes accepted and made where appropriate. 
  • Country Risk Levels. Many comments requested only two levels of risk as the conformance criteria required for Level 3, Level 2 and Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas (CARHAs) were very similar.  In an effort to streamline the protocol, align with EU regulations and minimize confusion, the revised draft includes just two categories of risk: high and low. 
  • Due Diligence Management Systems.  Additional clarifications and guidance are now included on requirements for management systems. 
  • Applicability of the OECD 5-Step process.  To create consistency across all smelters in the CFSP, all smelters will need to conform to OECD steps 1,2 and 5.  If red flags are identified per the OECD, then a smelter will need to conform to step 3.
  • Public Reporting Requirements.  As the OECD identifies smelters as part of the upstream supply chain, clarity was added on specific external reporting requirements.

The second public consultation round will run from December 5, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

The Revised Draft Tin and Tantalum Protocol is available here in (ENG) and (CHI).

The draft OECD Conformance Tool that accompanies the Tin and Tantalum Protocol is also available.

Comments on the Revised Draft Tin and Tantalum Protocol and OECD Conformance Tool must be submitted using this comment form. Comments will not be considered after January 31, 2017.

The new Tin and Tantalum Protocol will be reviewed by the CFSI Steering Committee in April 2017 to be finalized and published shortly thereafter. The new protocol will go into effect (be required for all CFSP smelters) starting January 1, 2018. Smelters can voluntarily elect to be audited against the new protocol ahead of January 1, 2018. Such arrangements should be made with the Program Manager Hillary Amster

Please contact Leah Butler with any questions.


Public Consultation Process