Benefits of Membership in the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative. Founded in 2008 by members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative has grown into one of the most utilized and respected resources for companies addressing conflict minerals issues.

Over 330 companies and associations from multiple industries are part of the CFSI today and take advantage of a range of member benefits. These benefits include:

  • Access to Reasonable Country of Origin (RCOI) data associated with facilities that are validated through the Conflict-Free Smelter Program.
  • Access to the CFSI's Smelter Database with information about thousands of companies in the 3TG supply chain. 
  • Opportunity to shape industry response to conflict minerals reporting requirements and other expectations from stakeholders.
  • Access to insight, tips and a like-minded community of industry professionals and issue experts developing solutions by companies, for companies.
  • Latest information about the developments on regional issues, various sourcing initiatives, regulatory schemes and more.
  • Discounted attendance fee to the annual members meeting and conference.
  • Facilitated engagement with stakeholder groups, including civil society organizations, socially responsible investor groups, governments and multilateral institutions to ensure your company has all the relevant perspectives as you make choices about your supply chain practices.
  • Ability to contribute your perspectives to the development of new tools and resources from the CFSI, such as white papers on conflict minerals due diligence and training on conflict minerals reporting.

Membership eligibility

Membership is open to companies that use or transact in tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold (3TG). Membership is also open to associations of companies that use or transact in 3TG. Members are also required to accept an Agreement on the Exchange of Confidential Information (AECI) upon the approval of their application form. Please click here to see a sample AECI.

Please note that membership in the CFSI by associations does not automatically extend membership to those associations’ own constituents. Benefits of CFSI membership, such as RCOI data, may not be provided by member associations to their own constituents.

Membership cost

Our membership period runs on a calendar year basis, January to December. Companies signing up in the last quarter of the year (October 1 onwards) are automatically enrolled for the next calendar year term.

  • Individual companies: $7,500 per year
  • Companies that are members of CFSI partner associations: $3,000 per year
  • Partner associations: $20,000 per year

Please note that while membership by associations does not automatically extend membership to their own constituents, it does allow their members to join the CFSI at a discounted price.

NEW Vendor Member Opportunity

CFSI engages with a variety of organizations to discuss emerging issues, best practices and work on addressing shared challenges. CFSI views our vendor members as valuable partners in promoting broad-based, multi-industry action to support responsible sourcing practices across supply chains.  With support from a variety of companies, we can collectively promote ethical sourcing by increasing the effectiveness and impact of collaborative, cross-industry tools, platforms, and resources. Join the conversation by becoming a CFSI Vendor Member!


Vendor members are those companies that do not meet the regular CFSI membership eligibility requirements (listed above). Vendors are  companies that provide goods and/or services for use by CFSI member companies. Vendor members are not eligible for CFSI membership through CFSI Partner Associations.

Vendor Membership Benefits

  • Acknowledgement on CFSI website. The CFSI does not endorse or make any claims about the products or services of Vendor Members.
  • Work group access. Engage with the CMRT Development Team, Smelter Engagement Team, Smelter Data Management Team, CFSI Stakeholders Call, and CFSI Plenary.
  • Event discounts. Receive the member rate for conference registrations.
  • Member newsletter subscription.
  • Access to the CFSI's Smelter Database with information about thousands of companies in the 3TG supply chain. 

Vendor Membership Requirements

  • Intellectual Property Protection Agreement. 
  • Vendor members may not promote, sell, or otherwise advocate for company products or services on CFSI work group calls or through CFSI distributions lists.

Vendor Membership Rates

One full year of benefits:

  • Individual consultants (single membership): $6,000
  • Partners and firms (group membership): $10,000

One full year of benefits, plus an exhibit at the CFSI Annual Conference:

  • Individual consultants (single membership): $9,000
  • Partners and firms (group membership): $13,000

One full year of benefits, an exhibit at the CFSI Annual Conference, plus direct access to the CFSI Smelter Database:


Ready to get involved?

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