Responsible Raw Materials Initiative

Grievances & Complaints Mechanism

CFSI welcomes submissions of complaints and grievances as part of its continuous improvement and risk management. Please review the CFSI Grievance and Complaints Mechanism for detailed information on CFSI's incident intake process and resolution. The purpose of this document is to outline a process which members, stakeholders and the public can utilize to raise concerns about the initiative, the audit program, protocols, smelter and refiner operations that fall in scope of the CFSP, audit quality and auditor competencies, mineral supply chains and upstream/downstream initiatives. The document also covers processes used to address these grievances and complaints.

Kindly submit any grievances and/or complaints in the intake form below. For general questions and inquiries to CFSI, please visit our Contact page or email

For anonymous submissions, please do not provide your contact information (only fill out Comments section).

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