CFSI Annual Conference

How does the CFSI decide when to add or remove a SOR from the Smelter Reference List on the CMRT? What’s that process?

Information regarding known smelters and refiners of tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold is submitted to the CFSI via a standard form downloadable here. These submissions are reviewed on a bi-weekly basis by staff and the Smelter Disposition Team (composed of industry experts) and checked for irregularities that require clarification.

The team reviews incoming smelter information to ensure it is as accurate as possible based on the most current, accessible information. The CFSI’s process considers whether the SOR is currently in business, whether it is a member of another program that CFSI recognizes, whether it falls within CFSI’s definition, and any other criteria that would qualify it for inclusion on the Smelter Reference List.

The evolving nature of the industry and the information available means that smelters and refiners are added or removed from the Standard Smelter List frequently. These revisions are noted in the CMRT Revision tab.